Step 1 - How do I find my actual server?

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  • I've used Nitrado to host an Ark server in the past and it's treated me well, but I'm completely lost on how to actually find my own server. I've spent the last 5 days trying to figure this out and I've come up empty on where to find the name/address for the server and get it (and any server for that matter) to actually show up and connect. I managed to get onto a multiplayer server once, but now they keep coming up as something is outdated (either their server side or my server side) or I just get a 'Can't Connect to Server' error message??

    I'd like to run a server for me and a few friends via the java edition 1.12.2 Feed The Beast, and add in mods like Fossils and Archaeology, Mo'Creatures, HarvestCraft and Plenty O' Biomes (might have the wrong name for that) but trying to look up tutorials via the forums/youtube and the general terms searched has made it pretty impossible to find anything. If anyone that's done this before would be nice enough to hold my hand, as a minecraft server newbie, and help me out, I'd be super appreciative!

  • Hello.

    Sorry for the delay. I've done some searching myself and in seeing the same things you are. I would say before you wait any longer that it would be best to submit a support ticket. Also is this a PC server?

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    I've also linked you to our wiki as well. Theres a lot of useful stuff in it for adding mods and the steps to go about doing it .

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