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  • You have got to be kidding me....

    When private servers for Last Oasis just started to roll out, I was dumb enough to create all the oases I wanted for my first server, which included 2 easy, 2 medium and 1 hard map. Thanks to my luck, my only hard map did not generate a permanent ancient fabricator. And since we still can't delete existing oases, and can only have a maximum of five oases in total, I just ordered my second Last Oasis server today in hoping I could get a fresh start.

    OHH how I was wrong.

    Why, why, WHYY are realms permanent AND limited to 1 as well??? And why are created realms not linked with the freaking server you order?! Now I have two servers, that both share the same realm. I don't get any option to create a new realm for my new server etc.

    It BLOWS my mind that Nitrado doesn't warn their customers about this. Even if it's "not a Nitrado issue" THEN AT LEAST WAARRN YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS! It seems to me that Nitrado (as Last Oasis' ONLY community server host) is only interested in brushing off all responsibility to DC, instead of doing what they actually have control over and INFORM YOUR CUSTOMERS.

    Have I made this clear yet?

  • I think the only way around it is if you have a close friend that you can trust to take control of the other server since there are linked to a steam account.

    That's such bs. There shouldn't have to be a way around. It should just not be setup this way. I'm glad if other people may find this way around useful, but unfortunately I do not have anybody who owns Last Oasis + is someone I trust and is able to take control of my other server.

  • I agree with you. I just hope in the future they change this. I would also hope they aloud people to be able to delete maps. Right now it would be nice if nitrado would fix there server and not let people wait days to do anything about them. I can't even play on mine right now, mine kept crashing so i sent a ticket and 2 days later they moved my server to different hardware while i was playing and now it won't start up at all. They don't even make sure the server is working before they leaving you hanging. I think they need to greatly work on informing people on how any thing works or what there doing about all these server problems.

  • The game is in pre-alpha. Still swapping 20 times. Already, over there, they added bans to the Private servers, although they were not there initially. Most likely, soon it will be possible to delete oases, because many people write about it (not on this forum, but in discord and support). And the fact that there will be 1 oasis for 1 Steam account, developers wrote more as soon as the opportunity appeared to pre-order the server.

    I understand perfectly well that this is a cry of the soul. I myself will be left with nothing when oases with a worm appear. But you just have to be patient. Once again, the game is in pre-alpha status. Much can change.

  • Please note that the game is an early access game and therefore still in the beginning of its development. What I can recommend is the official forum of Last Oasis -> Last Oasis Official Forums

  • DennisSaleyka endschuldige bitte aber bei wem bezahle ich ? Richtig das verweisen auf das Forum von LO finde ich sehr sehr schwach. Ihr bietet den service an, also kriege ich meine informationen von Euch, Ihr seit dafür verantwortlich das Mein gekauftes Produkt funktioniert und aus die Maus. Ansonsten bindet Euch nicht an den early acces Mist, der Scheiß gehört ehh abgeschafft so ändert sich nichts. Also bitte tragt das Mimimi mit Fassung und ändert mal ein bisschen was an Eurer Informationspolitik für alle anderen die auf dem laufenden bleiben wollen hier entlang https://twitter.com/lastoasishelp

  • The real question is why 2 easy and 2 medium maps... Thats just silly. Even if your hard map had a fab, you get no iron... To fix the issue create a new steam account, buy LO again, link server to new LO account, regen tiles, create 1 hard and 1 crater and save your other tiles incase they wver decide to release some cool new content.