Server Backup Question

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  • So while trying to get some mods to work the game eventually runs into something it doesn't like and decides to break where the server will no longer load until I do a reinstall despite deleting all links to the mod at broke it and restarting.

    So I guess what I'm trying to figure out is if it's possible to recover the server information (base building and placed item, characters etc.), I mean I'm certain it is but what files would I be looking for to save my own sanity and that of those on my server? ;)

  • You don’t have to reinstall server everytime a bad change brakes the Server.

    Just make a backup of the files before changing (use ftp and make a copy and/or rename files before editing, store backups on your local computer).

    If you make mistakes and server won’t start just undo your changes, upload the backup files (re-rename) and server should start normal.

    You don’t loose vanilla items , but you will loose placed items of mods when server starts without the mod.

    Therefore you can make a backup of folder storage1 (this is your „database“)

  • Thanks for that, I think I got it.

    Only issue now is with the 1.08 update coming, and assuming what I read around here is correct, the servers update to the newest version automatically?
    And if that is the case, I assume all I have to worry about is making sure steam updates and I update any mods server side?

    Thanks for your help/patience Jaeger.

  • Nitrado gets the new DayZ Version update too, maybe little delayed.

    The files edited by yourself (e.g. types.xml or init.c ) won’t be updated automatically.

    You have to do this manually:

    Compare the old ones with the new version, if there are no difference except your personal edits you are Good and you don’t have to update your old file.

    If there are differences you have to edit the files oncemore