anyone ever donated when they should have boosted?

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  • So me and my friends got a little carried away with trying to get a cluster up and running. We've all donated money to the guy who's going to run the server, but he has since discovered that the money we donated can only be used for PC/PS4 servers, and xbox one servers have to use boost codes.

    has anyone ever made this mistake and had it fixed? we've already put in a ticket but I really don't want $250 just sitting there that he can't use.

  • Yes, I made the mistake when I first setup - I only had £45 sat in the PC account - I raised a ticket recently and they said they would transfer it, but as mine had been over 28 days or something was too late.

    It sucks you have to use the Nitrado Xbox App as they take a cut of the money too!

    Not Nitrados fault though, just MS being greedy.

  • Yes. MS are greedy. A 20 slot server for 90 days is £5 more expensive on XBox than the same on PS. This is because greedy MS demand a bigger bite of Nitrado’s apple than Sony do. Nitrado have no alternative but to charge their XBox customers more than their PS ones.


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