my server is stuck in loop and wont stop restarting itself.

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  • I've tried every possible solution tried to reinstall/back up and its just ignoring anything i'm asking it to do. has anyone had this issue or know how to help me would be great

  • The server I help run is having the same issue (Ps4). Enough with the mickeymousing and work arounds.

    Tell us why your customers are having this issue so often, what is being done to fix it and when we can expect it to be fixed.

    If your "techs" don't know, say so. If your "techs" don't know how to fix it, tell us. If your techs can't provide a time frame when this will be fixed let us know that.

    Transparency is a good thing. Save some face. Be honest to the people throwing money at you for a broken service. If your going to monopolize DayZ servers, at least have it work consistently.

    If there isn't an honest reply, myself and others have every reason to see Nitrado as taking the low road on the issue.

  • I'm giving the honest reply to you. I do not have access to your servers or accounts. It can be any number of issues to why a server is restarting sometimes it could be on our end sometimes it can be on the user side. It could be hung up somewhere on restarting it could also be that the server name is too long. It could also be that there are errors within the xml files that the owner made changes too.

    I'm not able to go into your server to check this stuff. That is why I gave the answer I did. I'm sorry if the answer that I gave wasn't the exact answer you were looking for. This is a community support forum where members of the community try to help eachother out. In some cases it has to go above that and require a support ticket.

    I'm sorry I didnt get to answer you quicker as I'm from the east coast and was sleeping.