Can a Conan Exiles server be upgraded to have more slots at a later time?

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  • I am looking into getting a Conan Exiles server started, but i want to know before i take the plunge if i set my slots to like 6 or 8, can it be upgraded to a higher count if more people wish to join the server. The thing is right now there is only 2 people planned to be on the server. The reason why i want get a server is so that we can play without tethering and so that more friends can have the opportunity to join us. With this in mind, i don't want to pay for that many slots, but i am concerned that as time passes and more friends of mine show interest in joining the server, i would want to be able to upgrade the slots on the server (of course paying more for the extra slots).

  • The minimum for the server is 10 slots.

    If you get 10 now, yes you can increase to more later if you wish.

    This is all done through the WebUI of your server account.

    Hope this helps.

    Thank you.