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  • When I first created my last oasis server on the 26th. I couldn't even get it started on my own, I had to put in a ticket for a LVL 2 support person to start/restart my instance.

    This morning a patch released. I attempted to restart my server(failed). I attempted to stop my server(failed). I attempted to used scheduled jobs to stop/start/restart(failed). I attempted to downsize my server(failed). I attempted to reinstall my server(failed). I put in a trouble ticket about 8 hours ago(no response). I called their helpdesk line several times, finally got through on one of them, after waiting 40ish mins to get a chance to talk to somebody they hung up.

    I guess this is the normal for Nitrado? Pretty unhappy so far..........

  • Yes I totally agree, this company clearly does not value its customers at all. I had the same experience and now I am waiting for over 16 hours after my server went down and isnt allowing anyone to connect to it, this company hasn't even bothered to READ my request yet and I have had tickets closed saying "We dont see a problem, please reopen the ticket if it persists" Are you kidding me?

    It would be a fantastic joke, if it were even slightly funny.

  • Curious as someone else reported back of an issue and was later resolved. Are you set for 10 ports? Anything less the server will not start.

    Sorry that you are having issues.

    If you have not already, please contact Nitrado Support.

    Link: Support |

    Tickets are worked in the order in which they are received. Tickets are usually worked the same day when submitted (within 24hrs).

    Times are crazy and a lot of people are stuck at home. This resulted in an increased amount of support requests which means it currently takes longer than usual to receive an answer. Our team does the very best to help you as soon as possible. We appreciate your understanding and hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Game on, Your Nitrado Team.

    This is a Community Support Forum which means admins and gamers like yourself can help each other out as needed.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • Sorry if I was not detailed.

    Some folks have had issues when they changed their slots below 10 and all game servers for the most part have 10 as a minimum.

    Sorry if my suggestion didnt work and was not related to your issue.

    We are only moderators here in the forums. For any account, server or billing issue please address that on your request or when contact Nitrado Support.

    Thank you.

  • I recently rented 3 Last Oasis servers. Had another patch this morning and my server(s) cannot be accessed. I submitted a ticket yesterday for the first patch that took 5 hours to get my server(s) back online. No response to the ticket.

    Submitted another request for a status update with the new patch this morning as to when my server(s) would be working again. No reply as of yet.

    I had thought to call their US office but they are Pacific Time and I am Central Time. They don't open until 9 AM.

    If this is the case, who in their technical support is monitoring these servers to insure that when updates come that these server(s) are updated quickly?

    I think 5 hours is a bit too long.

  • I would have been happier with a 5 hour turn around, but myself and most others are seeing 12+ hours for a simple click of a restart button on their end. If the restart button only worked on our end, then there prob won't be as many complaints......

  • Hos long does it normally take to reply to a tickets. It was 2 days and 5 hours for mine and they went and moved my hardware while i was in the middle of playing and now my server won't start up at all.

    Tickets generally can take up to 24 hours but with more people home, more servers running and new games releasing there can be a delay in answering tickets if there is an abundance of them.

    If the hardware move is not working please reply back to your ticket and explain that the move did not work.

    I do apologize for any inconvenience this also may cause I know any amount of downtime is not how we like it to be.

  • What's up with there service. Every since i got the server i had problems with it taking hours to startup and it would crash several time a day. I sent in a ticket and days later out of the blue without notice they moved my server to different hardware while i was in the middle of playing. Didn't even test the server to see if it would even work. So i replied to ticket telling them it's not starting up at all and waited again and now they reply saying they can't do anything because they can't access my setting to do tests on the server and need my server name and server password. What settings, there really is none and they were moved from my other server. I mean all there is server name and user id that was copy and paste from last oasis web interface. Why didn't they run tests on my other server. I not even sure if my server was moved. I don't remember the ip of the old one and all log files are the same. So now i have to wait again for a reply and then wait again for another reply. How long is this going to carry on.

  • This has to be the worst in customer service that I have ever been a part of. My ticket was placed 5/29/2020 in the am and as of the writing of this post all I have been told when I called to check on it was it was given up to a higher level. I was offered to extend my time for the service missed. I refused not because the game was down but because of the lack of response to my ticket when I added a reply and was just seeking information on it. I know that with any new game there are bugs and these can take time to work out but the lack of any response to my inquiry has shown me to change service providers. I am not some young man that does not have patience I am and old Special education teacher that has learned to wait but I do need some form of communication just so I know that I have not been forgotten which in this case it seems I have been. The best way to show you displeasure is to change service providers to ones that have better customer service such as I am doing when my time is up.

  • No when you call they just tell it has been passed along to different tech guys. I've stopped looking at my server and hoping for a response from support. I am now just waiting for the time to run out so I can link my steam account to another company. There are several that offer 24/7 support that are in line to get last oasis. I have rented game servers for many years from BF2/bf3/bf4 to 7days to die. This was my first and I must say last experience with this company- I will not repeat this blunder unless I see major improvement in support. All I can tell everyone is that it is the money that talks. If enough leave this server host for a more reliable host that has good communication with its customers then we have made our point. My server went down early Friday morning-- I call tech support they put in a ticket right away and it was over the incompatible unique net id issue. There is another forum post that has been marked as resolved for this issue which it has not been for I am still waiting. They offered to extend my server time I said NO!! and the reason being lack of communication this has been by far my worst experience with a server host company in all my years and Im 56 years old and have been renting servers since the year 2000 and KALI for star trek academy. The server being down was never my issue the fact that I sent email request every 24 hrs for any information or at least a update and I was ignored is my issue. I was a customer I wont be anymore and all of this was because I have yet to get a response unless I call in which they tell me my ticket has been passed along please email them. I do they ignore I leave this company. They do not have a good business model and as I read posts in discord and other places I see others feal the same way and are doing what I am.