A letter to the official

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  • Official hello, I am your user, this is the first time you rent a server in your company,

    I will here my experience here.

    Overall it's not bad, but what makes me unsatisfied is the update speed of the game.

    As your customer, we pay your company every month, and time is precious to us.

    The speed at which your company updates games really makes me very unhappy.

    As a customer, I did not ask to be prior to the official, but I hope to be treated fairly (can be kept in sync with the official updates and the use of iron mine maps)

    For developers, this behavior just repeats the same thing twice, but for us, the experience is completely different.

    After this, I thank the official once again for taking the time to read this letter, and hope that the official can face the customer's suggestions, thank you!