Server does not appear to want to start now

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  • My LO server just sits at "Restarting". And when I try and stop the web interface says the server is neither running or stopped and I have to force restart or stop it. Only stopping works, not Force restart.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  • my problem is that i have stopped the server and i started it but the server dosn´t make the update.... i need help i can´t update the server ?(?(

    "the match you are trying to join is running an incompatible version of the game. please try upgrading your game version."

    but i have stopped the server and nothing was working or updating.

    new install or what can help for this problem?

  • Nitrado needs to expose the version number of the software currently installed. Right now, I don't know if the problem is

    A) Nitrado isn't deploying the updated server files. I've seen no status indication that it's installed the updated version, and reinstall isn't guaranteed to install the updated version


    B) Nitrado HAS deployed the updated server files, and Donkey Crew's central management system isn't responding to let the server phone home.

    Depending on which it is, it's a different group's issue. If I knew the deployed version of my server, at least I'd know if I need to bug DC. Their back end has been overwhlemed since Private Servers were launched (they shouldn't have cleared them for general availability)

  • yeah I would love more granular detail on the server, myrealm still reports my server as the old version. But it's not fired up yet after the reinstall. I'll just leave it on that and keep watching it

    myrealm is probably just showing the last time that server managed to connect to it. Until it gets another phone home successfully, the info will be stale (hence the "unknown" state.

    In my experience, once a server phones home after an update, it's pretty stable. The issue is that I know that DC's "phone home" receiver appears to be nearly useless.

  • I get annoyed, because i know for a fact if i stop paying the server will no longer work (annoyed because i know they coded this part and it works correctly), but they cannot get this to work right, and whats more, getting an update about what is going on is just as bad if not worse than the way donkey crew handled it, yes yes i know, people want to jump in and say dc must be responsible, but i do not pay DC for this server, i pay nitrado, i rent other game servers, i think this experience is going to make me look for other hosting options

  • I like to think Nitrado is regretting being the favored "Partner" of Donkey Crew. They're taking most of the heat for what was not a good architecture in the first place. People keep asking about when other hosts will have the servers, and I keep asking myself "do other hosts even WANT this trouble?"