Waiting for Update

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  • You dont need managers to know answer. Official FAQ says


    A server update is required

    All of our Gameservers are usually updated within two to three hours after the release of the official Steam update. Please be aware that the rented server may not be available during this time. Also, as the size of a update can vary greatly, so does the actual update time.

    There is always the possibility that installed plugins / mods / addons don't work after an update. Therefore, it's recommended to test the integrity of such additional contents as the one named above after each update.


    Changed the title of the thread from “Managers, please answer.” to “Waiting for Update”.
  • Daogen,

    Why are some servers working while others are stuck in a loop? I would assume you push the release to all servers at the same time. I have been offline all day with my server just trying to start up. Based on the post you gave me I would assume 1-2 hours to push out updates is acceptable but 7 plus maybe even more now is a wee bit ridiculous. if this occurs multiple times in a week, which is not uncommon on early access games, im offline for 3-4 days of the week. what am i paying for a month if I am down 15-25-40% of the time?

    I appreciate the article and the read but I assume this is a very different and abnormal case regarding the last oasis servers. Steam makes automatic changes to player accounts, so while you wait to update servers players cant play as their versions are outdated. This causes issues for server owners, as they lose players to servers that update sooner. Asking for patience is great but ramifications occur when these delays happen to some and not to all.

  • No, the updates as per that link describes are not released all at once. That would cause even more issues and affect more customers.

    Also being this is a new game. Many reasons perhaps and that is why Support is the best way to have things further investigated.


  • I appreciate your willingness to discuss this and the information. I am not accustomed to this type of process from a server rental so It is a little bit of a learning curve for me. I guess we will figure this out. :)