Xbox Nitrado App issues:

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  • I have a server I rented for Xbox via the Nitrado app months ago. It was password protected and just 10 slots for some friends and I to play on. Now that everyone has gone off in other directions, I decided to make the server open to the public to play on.

    I used the expert settings on my pc to customize the coding and give things a little boost. I was able to set up a boost code(few months ago).

    Now, it is not showing up on the Xbox app at all. I can boost it using the code still but it is not actually in my server list.

    I wanted to bump up the player slots but can not find a way to do so on the xbox, the pc or on my phone.

    I was wanting to open an additional server and cluster it as well but the only Ark options on the xbox app are for a pc server.

    There used to be an xbox server option and that is what I HAD to do before but is that not a thing anymore?

    Anyone know why? Can I now rent a pc server and have it play on my xbox console ok? I'm confused! ?(

    Thought I would ask here before submitting a support ticket/calling for assistance.

    Edit: relogged on the app and my server has popped up in the list. Attempting to upgrade the server player slots now.

    I think my blondeness is just messing me up. Nevermind! I think I've got it sorted now. :)