Free-look with elytra + alternative controls!!

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  • We can all agree that one of the biggest issues with the elytra is the fact you can't look at something without flying straight at it, which is especially annoying when you want to look down.

    This is why I propose adding the ability to free-look, which comes with an alternate way to control your elytra: with the keyboard.

    I'll be writing this kinda in reverse, starting with the options, then the alternate controls and free-look.

  • Hello KARistanmickey,

    Nitrado is offering servers with the software. Nitrado is not a developer of this software. For any suggestions, please contact Mojang. Then Mojang may change that and as soon as Mojang changes it, the software developer of the Bedrock Edition will also change it. :)

    With friendly greetings