Admin Controlls

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  • Hey there folks!

    Thank you for pushing out what has been; a great experience with my private server! Do any of you have the inside track on when admin commands and the new iron maps will be put out to the community servers?

    As far as admin commands go, I hope we can get some kind of summon item/entity/quality commands. It would help with the lack of quality rupu vines going on in the servers currently. Also, how will we be affected by the tile burn mechanic on community servers?

    Thank you for any knowledge you can send our way and keep up the great work!

  • These are not questions for Nitrado, they have no control over server content or any kind of admin abilities. All of that is controlled by Donkey Crew. You should ask the on the Donkey Crew forums, but unfortunately I've never seen a dev response on there yet...