HELP admin command log on pc (microsoft 10)

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  • someone please help me out I have been at this for hours. I have admin command log enabled and also have an admin password set up for my rented ark server. But i cant bring up the admin request using the (RB + LB + X+Y) also tried tab on keyboard. nothing works. my friends who are on xbox can bring up the admin request log using (RB + LB + X+Y). But its not popping up for me guess cause im on pc, somone plz explain how to make myself admin. also im owner of server so i would like to be admin. plz help!

    plz help very desperate

  • Did you purchase PC server? If so PC has different commands. Note though if you are trying to get a server up for your Xbox friends to also play with you, you would need to purchase an XBox server through the MS/Nitrado App. PC server will not allow Xbox to connect.

  • Have you tried hitting tab while in the pause menu. Thay should pull up the window in the pause screen. It will say request admin. You put your password in then click the request admin button it will then change to admin command. Even with an xbox controller plugged im not sure it works like the xbox game itself.