Tundra and biomes near it should have a longer day cycle!!!

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  • In tundra biomes, the day and night will last for 20 Minecraft days, mimicking the Polar Night and Midnight Sun. During the midnight sun, the sun never ever sets below the horizon, During the Polar Night, the sun will never get above the horizon. Light levels always remain at night levels, though you will get twilight outside the tundra biome. Tundra biomes are meant to be polar, I mean, it happens irl.

    It is harder to grow crops in the dark season of the tundra, use torches and redstone lighting to make them grow.

    Sleeping does work in a Polar Night, but it will still be dark the next day, if in the Polar Night. Sleeping will not work in the midnight sun unless it is a snowstorm.

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    Please direct suggestions for changes to Minecraft to Mojang. Nitrado is not the developer of the Minecraft software but only server providers that offer servers with the software. :)

    It could possibly be implemented Spigot in conjunction with plugins or Forge in conjunction with mods. Maybe there are plugins or mods that handle the daily cycle like this. :)

    In Minecraft Vanilla, such a change is as good as unworkable as far as I know.

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