Access to mods Files

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  • Dear All,

    I would like to know if there a way to access to the mods files as I have a bug with a mod than require to access directly to the folder where are stored the files.

    As for now, I can only found on my server the .mod files not the rest of the folder like the "workshop" file.

  • You can not modify or access the mod file. Even if you could, you are not able to modify it. It is a mod file, and you would need to get the original one from the creator, then go in the Dev Kit to modify it. Maybe going to the Steam Workshop, see who the creator is and see if they would release the original work of the mod. Note though nearly all modders do not release their work to be modified. I just remember my modding days.

  • Well... On Gportal for exemple I can access it. It's just to have to possiblity to delete the folder as It's related to the last update of Kraken Better Dino's, that seems to mess the server and the only workaround that some guys find is to manually delete the mod and then reinstall it.

    Anyway, thank you for the reply.

  • You mean accessing the folder. If you had manually uploaded the mod, then you can also 'replace' it. You are not able to delete the folder.

    Its easy to update the mod. Go to the webUI where your mod IDs are at, click 'update'. If their mod doesnt appear to have an update, you can click on 'force update'. this will force the files all to be pulled again. Its how you reload a corrupted mod as well. Its all automated from the webUI.

  • Hi Doagen,

    Thank you for your reply, but yes I know all of this. I have done yet but this mod seems to have some issues. To understand well, this is normally the mod folder, you have the .mod and a folder associate to your mods ID

    But this is what you get on Nitrado You note that there is only the .mod file not the folder.

    Anyway as I said, I don't think this can solve the issue as it's a mod bug but seems not affected all servers, it's weird.

  • Correct. Every host has their own file access setup. This is how Nitrado is doing it.

    What is it you are trying to accomplish?

    Even if you could see the mod file, nothing you can do to it. All modID control is done through the webUI. You can either install, remove, or reload/force update. And that is all a mod file needs. Its not like you need to chmod/change file level. That would be a security issue if the modder required that.

    If mod has a bug, remove it. If it has a bug and you need to reinstall it and if a new server, remove modID, save, restart server. If existing, you can try force update, save, restart server. Or go all the way, remove mod, save, restart. Place modID back, save, restart, do a recovery backup.