XBOX/CROSSPLAY - - 10x - 5x - 15x - 6 Map Clusters - InGame Currency - 200+ Active!

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    [Server Info]

    10x Exp - 5x Harvest - 15x Taming - 10x Item Stack

    Maps: Valguero, Ragnarok, The Center, Extinction, Island, Aberration

    10 slot Genesis server opens every weekend

    Starter Kits

    Custom Air Drops

    Custom Boss Drops

    Custom Beaver Dams

    Custom Semi-Easy Craft

    Titanosaur Disabled

    Titans on Extinction are not tameable

    8 man tribe - No Alliance

    Max Player lvl 300

    Max Wild Dino lvl 330

    All Tek Engrams auto unlock at lvl 155

    Bloodstalkers and Reapers spawn on Valguero

    Snow Owls spawn on Ragnarok

    Manas spawn on Center

    Megachelon spawn on the Island