need help with adding glowbugs to ragnarok

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  • Ive tried so many things trying to add these bastards to the map. can someone please upload a code for me? i really want them to spawn on momkey island but i cant get it to work. thanks in advance.

  • Hello

    This is what the code should look like. Although this is for the basilisk. you just have to change the dino and area to your desire. He best way is to search and learn how the code works. You will be able to do some pretty awesome stuff using the code. You will then add this code under server settings then go to engine settings. At the very bottom it will say custom gsme ini settings. Yoj just copy and paste this code with your dino you want in and then do a wild dino wipe and restart the server. I'm fairly certain for some reason they dont work though.



    Closed the thread.