How to set up a custom AT Launcher modpack

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  • So, my friend made a modpack and I thought it would be nice to have a dedicated server instead of them having to host it on their computer, when I choose AT Launcher it forces me to pick a pack so I choose to use a pack that was similar and try to figure out what files to delete/replace but there are not very many guides for setting a server up in general let alone a minecraft server let alone a minecraft server using atlauncher....

    They have everything set up and just have a "Launchserver.bat" file and the server starts loading up, is there a way to get a nitrado server to be able to just load a custom atlauncher modpack or can i only choose one of the more popular pre-made packs or have to try to re-make the modpack from scratch just using minecraft forge server?

  • hi..

    You can use any modpack on your nitrado server.

    You can also upload your own modpack to the server.

    All you have to do before:

    install a Forgeserver on the same version as the modpack

    but if you have a finished server pack, you can upload it. but you have to rename the server.jar to the old one from nitrado

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  • this is all that is in the batch file:

    "@ECHO OFF

    :: When setting the memory below make sure to include the amount of ram letter. M = MB, G = GB. Don't use 1GB for example, it's 1G ::

    :: This is 64-bit memory ::

    set memsixtyfour=2G

    :: This is 32-bit memory - maximum 1.2G ish::

    set memthirtytwo=1G

    :: Don't edit past this point ::

    if $SYSTEM_os_arch==x86 (

    echo OS is 32

    set mem=%memthirtytwo%

    ) else (

    echo OS is 64

    set mem=%memsixtyfour%


    java -Xmx%mem% -XX:MaxPermSize=256M -jar forge-1.7.10- nogui


    when I run from the forge-1.7.10-10.13....universal.jar it does seem to launch but my friend is telling me that the batch file is needed...

  • execute the batch file:


    is a .jar file


    mc 1.7.10

    install that on your server

    you do not need the batch data for this on nitrado -- forge only

    MfG Conan ;)

    Minecraft: Conan

    Discord: Conan#3864

    ^^ Ich bin nicht die Signatur, Ich putz hier nur!