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  • Hello. I am administrator on a server of an youtuber named TheCamPeR. He do a multiplayer session all Sundays at 4:00pm. But the May 18th 2020, we have 3 members of the discord that they had report that a second server was created with the name: Official TheCamPeR 2nd Server.

    The server has the same map and mods. The staff had finaly found the name of the member who has created the server. He his named: Squad, It's a people who was banned from the server for not respecting the rules and he has created a server. The real server is named: Official TheCamPeR Game Server, and he have a password but not the 2nd Server. An multiplayer session is actually when I write this thread. Squad have take the name: The CamPeR, on his server. So i ask if it's possible to close it because the staff and fs game admin have no permission on it so we dread that peoples will be banned and they will come on discord to ask if they can be unban but we have no access on unban of the 2nd server. The names of people who have administrator password are:

    Owner: TheCamPeR

    Co-Owner: Chata


    Staff: roiyannI(me)


    FS Server Admin: Nakke



    You can verify it on the discord: Discord
    Thanks for your answers.

  • Please feel free to contact Nitrado directly via Support as they would give you the legal response.

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    This is my personal reply and not Nitrado's:
    This has been answered before here and I am unable to locate it, but issues with names, drama, admins (outside of Nitrado hosting hardware is not something Nitrado is unable to force.

    Anyone can create duplicate or 100s of names of the same servers.


    Closed the thread.