How do we get iron on private servers?

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  • For now, yeah. They haven't pushed the Latest set of maps to Private (the new "Roads" Hard, or the Iron Event Map). Given the fact that some people are out of slots, it's likely they'll need to give us map rotation first, but for now Private is capped at hard map progression

  • I was wondering how that would be handled, each time you make an oasis you get a random map, as i stated earlier i had to make 3 hard oasis's until i got one with a fabricator, i simply assumed you would need to do the same with the medium map until you got the asteroid event, but as you stated out of slots now.

  • reading between the lines on what serr has posted on discord (a donkey crew developer)... the myrealms tool allows us to manually do things that the official server controller does automatically. For instance, it spawns maps, and burns them, automatically.

    The maps are semi random. We pick the base map. There are two base medium maps. The iron map is a base map (we don't have yet). We cannot control what spawns ON the base map (neither can donkey crew, serr had to spawn them during the test to give people fabricators actually).

    I theorize (pure conjecture) that within a few days, we will gain some ability to "burn" oasis within our realms. Why make a new process? When burned, we get the slot back.

    After that they just need to give us the new maps. So we spawn event tiles manually etc.

    Some time after that we get multi oasis and automatic control. The control tool has unchangeable settings for those. Also, the tool outright talks about servers (plural) so its clear they fully intend for us to have multiple eventually.