My 30 Days Started???

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  • It was my understanding once Nitrado had access to the server files they would be able to launch our servers.

    With that said why did my time start counting down today? I got an email saying the servers are now active and can be accessed/played on. Yet there is no How to, there is no interface I can use and the IP address doesn't work using either types of ports and shows < not responding > in my steam server list.

    Shouldn't it be Nitrado's responsibility to ensure that there is a way and a means to access and play on our own servers. There is literally no information. The only reason I am here using Nitrado is because it was told they are L.O. main server provider. I have always used another host for other games and it was so straight forward a retarded monkey could log in and play on a server if they managed to create one...

    The fact that I have time getting wasted on my server that I paid for is bull crap and already has me ready to smack that refund button. Its one thing to have an issue with the Last Oasis devs but for another company to be playing with my money I have about had it with this game and this useless hosting service.

  • Hello,

    Once your server is installed, yes the countdown begins.

    Also the wiki does have additional information along with multiple other forum posts.

    This a a new game released and takes time to create all the online documentation.

    You may contact Support.

    Link: Support |

  • I am in the same boat server started and i have yet been able to get access or get a reply to my support ticket. I called and they said he will bump it up and still nothing. I am losing time i payed for due to issues outside my control. Everything shows green and up but when connecting inside the game i get "your connection to the host has been lost" i have had a friend try also same message.

  • Doagen all documentation should have been given to the server company by The devs prior to saying it was ok to get the money from customers and then start a count down for a service they are not and cannot use. That is just plain lunacy to say otherwise. I wouldn't charge you for services rendered if they are not rendered. The service is a last oasis server with the ability to play on that server. If I sent you a blank letter with the header Electric Company your service is on and started charging you and you went home and your service was still off would you pay for it.