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  • It seams many of use are having problems with server not starting or cant figure out how to set up the server.

    So far I have found that you cant get your server key if you use Fire Fox. Switch to another browser and the get key link works.

    My servers been stuck in restarting and stopping and starting it has not helped.

    If we can get someone from Nitrado to assist and post in forum it may stop all the support ticket requests.

    Can we get some type of server admin guide.

  • Latest Information

    Okay spoke with a representative at Nitrado and the server is running so the issue is not on their side it is a back end issue and they actually do not know what is going on. Hopefully the people over at Last oasis can fix this issue because Nitrado has no idea why the servers are not restarting or showing up for some. I know this doesn't help you guys who are experiencing this issue that I am having but Nitrado is aware and are trying to see why this is happening but I reiterate again according to them the servers on their end are running so the problem is else where.