Ark SuperStructures Mod No Foundation Support

  • Hey guys, I am having issues with enabling this on our server. I have tried putting



    In both the gameuser ini files and the game.ini and it hasn't worked on either of them (I did this on the nitrado site using the expert settings)

    So i am definiteily editing the right file.

    Has anyone on here got this to successfully work?

    Cheers for any help.

  • Have you visited the Steam Workshop of this mod?

    It gives examples on the ini file.

    And yes, it does work. I use SS.

    Yes I have tried copy and pasting exactly what the faq on the mod says which is what I put above.



    I put this at the bottom of the gameusersettings.ini as it told me to. I also tried copy pasting the full default list to see if thats what caused the problem.