So I dislike how zombies can run, how to balance around this?

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  • I've never been a fan of the running zombies in 7dtd, nor a big fan of how they can punch thru concrete/metal. The metal/concrete I can kinda be ok with as otherwise they would never get to you or even have a chance to. However I find it silly how every zombie can run at night. ferals I guess I can let slide as they are special infected.

    So I know I can disable it in the options, I'd probally make it so ferals can still run (albet 1 speed setting down), but normal zombies cannot run except on blood moon (even then 1 speed setting down from sprint). My question is what could I modify to make the game more balance to counteract the fact zombies will bascally never run (fast anyway).

  • "serverconfig.xml" located on directory /7daystodie/

    All those to value = "0":

    <property name="ZombieMove" value="0"/>

    <property name="ZombieMoveNight" value="1"/>

    <property name="ZombieFeralMove" value="0"/>

    <property name="ZombieBMMove" value="2"/>

    Then restart server(!)

    Good luck!