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  • Let me tell you why I wouldent recommend nitrado to the most desperate of people. FIRST OFF, they charge you a hefty amount for NOTHING. I pay 56 dollars a month for a 32 slot MINECRAFT SERVER. what kind of business even let's that slide???? You can go and pay a lower amount literally anywhere and have a better experience. SECOND OFF, when you install mods on a minecraft server on here DO NOT USE ANY OF THE PROVIDED MODS. Let me give a little run back, me and my clan played on a vanilla minecraft server for 3 days straight and decided to add mods. Boy was that a bad idea, because when you do that you have to change the version inside of the control pannel. Which isn't bad but let me explain. It completely reset the world to scratch and could back up or anything. Before you write "OH you could have just made a back up and restored it" BELEIVE ME I did. Literally Trudeau everything. THIRD OFF they dont even install the correct version of the mod for you server. I made a minecraft bukkit 1.13.1 dev build server because they couldent find the download page for the regular one. So I went and played with my friends on that server for 5 hours without crashing. Then all of a sudden 100 crashed in a hour non stop. So I uninstalled some plugins and reloaded the server and to no avail it was the 1.13.1 dev build that crashed the server. So I went and installed 1.13.1 bukkit and installed it. And even STILL it crashes. So I went a and rolled back to the newest version and STILL CRASHES. now I'm back on 1.13.1 but it FREAKING STILL CRASHES. then you might say "oh it's just the plugins you installed" IVE TRIED UNINSTALLING THEM. When you download the plugins from THERE addons menu it download all the wrong versions and apparently permanently messed up your server because I've uninstalled, reinstalled, installed off the website even. Nothing. All of our work on our map will be lost to these fools. I WANT my money back or more then 32 slots on Freaking minecraft for PC. I've found a better service provider that is under half the cost with 2x more specs and infinite slots. I've used them before and WILL use them again. Good day.:thumbdown:

  • First off, a 32 slot Advanced Vanilla Minecraft Server is atleast when I set it up, second, using old outdated Modded versions is never a good idea. And I never experienced crashes on either Vanilla og Spigot ( Bukkit is not the standard anymore ) .

    *EDIT* Try Paper.


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