Lag with multiple players on Ragnarok

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  • Hello,

    I have a server set up on the Ragnarok map, and when multiple characters meet in the same location, we have unbelievable lag. Like 8 fps.

    Is there a hardware upgrade I could pay for to fix this? Is it something in my settings?

    I have 16 mods, and we do tend to build big structures. but I feel it shouldn't lag like this for just a couple of players.

  • Hello,

    Us moderators are unable to see specifically if your server is having hardware issues or a misconfig. You will need to contact Nitrado Support directly to look there.

    However we can suggest things, and even the Community here can.

    I will share what I know since I have ran Rag for a very long time. And since you said its happening to all.

    Ragnarok is known exactly what you posted. Certain spots will triggered this event. Nothing you can really do until they optimize that map.

    No, you are not able to 'upgrade" the HW. The servers have as max as the game will allow already. nitrado also has tools that when CPU or more memory it needed, it auto moves to a new server. This happens more often when ports are increased.

    Also yes, you are running alot of mods. Its not the quantity of mods, its how large they are and how they interactive with each other. Example: run multiple dinos mods and you will have latency issues. You mention bases....Yes, large bases can cause latency as well. ie: rendering. If someone has a lower end video card, they may experience more lag when entering the area.

    Some things you can do and what the rest of us do: (1) Watch what mods you are using. Dont assume every mod released will work with each other. (2) do daily dino wipes. (3) dont build large structures. (4) check your webUI for server settings you selected. Some are marked to show more server resources is being used.