Extending Server Runtime

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  • The website says that credits purchased on the website can not be used for xbox servers. im trying to extend the runtime on my server, i have 5 days left. i try the website it says to use the nitrado app on my xbox, when i push extend runtime from 5 to 35 days a message flashed at the bottom of the screen, saying processing order. but nothings happening. any help would be great. thankyou.

  • Hello

    Could you try and sign out and then resign back in or uninstall and then reinstall the app to see if this fixes the issue. You can also try via a windows 10 pc using the Nitrado app from the windows store.

    If it doesn't correct the issue you will have to submit a support ticket and have support take a look at what could be causing the issue.

  • I also encountered a problem while trying to pay for my first server runtime extension via the Xbox One's Nitrado app. After hitting "Purchase", I would get the following error message:


    Update in progress

    Store experience host should be ready soon. Check your games & apps queue to see if it's ready, then launch it again. (0x80073d00)


    Logging out and then back in did nothing, nor did reinstalling the Nitrado app. I have rebooted my Xbox a few times, and the error has persisted for several days.

    I circumvented my problem by installing the Nitrado App on my Windows 10 PC. I was able to extend my runtime there.