Ark Map Change Question

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  • My firends and I started an Xbox server last night. A few of us are playing the game pass version on windows, not sure that that matters. I didnt realize rag was included in the game pass version, and it has given me a few things to think about.

    1. If we upload our characters to the ob, then I switch the server map, can we download the characters into rag?

    2. If we decide to stay with the island, can we temporarily switch to rag to get wyverns/milk, then back to the island without resetting the progress we have on the island?

    3. If I upload my character, then switch the map to rag, will it delete all of the characters that didnt upload before the map switch? Just trying to see if I need to have everyone on before the switch. I assume that if a player who didnt upload their character before the switch tries to log on after we switch, they'll be prompted to make a new character since they didnt upload. What I'm trying to see is if I can switch over with a friend or two to rag in the morning while my other friend is at work, then switch back before he gets home, or if we need to wait and have everyone on before the switch.

    Thank you.

  • Thank you, I tried searching and used "switch maps" so I didnt see that post come up.

    If you dont mind, I have 1 other question. Is there a way to manually save my world for this version? I have set myself as admin and confirmed I have access by spawning an item in, but when I do "cheat saveworld" or "saveworld", I dont see any conformation that its saved, and I dont see any new save info in the nitrado server info page for my server.

  • You do not get a confirmation from ARK when a saveworld has been started.

    and its admincheat if on a hosted server. cheat only is used for SP (single player) setups.

    Also this saveworld will never appear as a savefile to restore from. It uses the most recent ARK file and writes to that.