xbox one /steam mods

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  • how do you install mods on an xbox server?

    i've seen worlds that have s+ and other mods on the xbox but everywhere i look it says no mods for xbox. how are those worlds created or are they created through ark steam which i have as well. i thought you could not connect xbox to steam created worlds.

    are these mods somehow added through .ini?

  • MODs are NOT available for any type of console from the Steam Workshop.

    What does happen are heavily modified ini files.

    You see S+ because S+ for the most part are part of the core game now.

    And not to be confused for PC folks that being S+ is part of the core game (not called S+ the name), folks are moving to using SS which is an addon to S+ core via Stream MOD.

    Steam/PC servers use MODids which is the way MODs are installed.

    Example: LOTs of MODs exist for item stacking. For consoles, they add line by line code to add the stack.

    Once FTP opens for consoles and say no mods are available, at least you could in the ini file to spawn modded dinos like Eternal. (those familiar with this mod).