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  • Hi. as the title says our server won't restart, it gets stuck on restarting.

    We can force stop it, but starting it again does nothing to solve the problem. It gets stuck again.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I too am having the same issue. I changed the host name and it restarts and then just stays in a sort of restart limbo. I reinstalled the server and it started running almost immediately, however the name and password I put in were removed. I just bought the server and would like to play on it with my friends however if this persists I may not get my wishes. I would also like the solution to this issue.

  • We have been doing the force stop to no avail since yesterday. We also created the Ticket, but there has been no answer. We already decided to change the server provider, but we still have a 1/3 of the time here left (2 of those days lost and I don't think we are going to get a refund).

  • I've called the number provided, the skype, made a ticket, even contacted the through twitter. I have yet to get a response. The wiki just tell me to do the same garbage you've already told us in two different forums no less. All I want is my money back I haven't even gotten to use the damn server. Just bought it today and all I want to do is password protect it and change the name but that's too much for this system to handle. Maybe they should have made damn sure before switching to console that the rent-a-servers would work. Cause now all it looks like is they're stealing money. I've gotten no response in the last 12 hours since I bought it. To me that's poor customer service and theft. My roommate also had trouble with their system, I just wish XYZ had the dayz server option. I would have gone to them I trust them.

  • Hello,

    Sorry you are having issues.

    When submitting a ticket, it can take ~24hrs to respond. Tickets are worked in the order received.

    As for Skype, the site does provide the open hours of the phones. Its best if you call during that time.

    Also when submitting a ticket you will see


    We would appreciate if you take note

    Times are crazy and a lot of people are stuck at home. This resulted in an increased amount of support requests which means it currently takes longer than usual to receive an answer. Our team does the very best to help you as soon as possible. We appreciate your understanding and hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Game on, Your Nitrado Team


    The world is in a mess atm. Just need to be patient during these rough times please.

  • My server has not worked in days. I have tried all of the steps. Done force stop every hour for the last 40 hours or so. Server will not start. Submitted a ticket and still no answer. Never got refunded the last time there was an issue. Doubt it will get fixed or that you will get your money back in a timely manor.