DayZ Custom Maps

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  • In short:


    - Get deer Server files and upload them to server folder (mpmission).

    - Upload Deerisle mod to server. (Don’t forget key)

    - change mission in file serverDZ.cfg to deer ( name of mission from Serverfiles mpmission)


    Mod deer has to be loaded at first position (further modifications)

    There is a deer discord, join there and read, plenty of information.

  • Sorry, I'll elaborate a bit. So I've done the steps you've suggested but it is still loading me into Chernarus. I think I may not be setting up the server files properly, as the server files I downloaded are in multiple folders, so I don't know the correct ones to use. The mod itself is working because I get the custom loading screens that Deer Isle has when I load into the server, but I spawn on the wrong map. If you would like me to put the link to the server files in his forum I can if it helps. Thanks.

  • I know this thread is dead but for anyone who ends up here from a google search I'm going to explain how to solve this.

    Do not edit the serverDZ.cfg by downloading it from an FTP client like filezilla and then re-uploading it, as soon as you start your server Nitrado will overwrite it and put it back to chernarus.

    You need to go to your Nitrado dashboard, make sure your server is shut down, select "General" and tick expert mode, then on the left panel go to "Expert Settings" which will open the serverDZ.cfg file, change the chernarus map to "empty.deerisle" and hit save. now start your server and you should be good.