Server "Housekeeping" Wipes

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  • Hi

    I am a private server owner/admin “noob”, having had my private server for 3 weeks now, so that excuses my noob questions on the subject of server wipes that follow. If there is anybody who plays on my server reading this, do not panic. I am not about to wipe the server – I do not want to ruin your hard work. However, I do have some wipe-related questions.

    My server is on PS4, but I occasionally play Ark on a private server (not owned or run by me) on Xbox. Today I logged into that server and the MOTD popped up saying words to the effect that there would be a server wipe being conducted that day, and that anybody not wanting to be wiped would have to make sure they either have a generator running, or a torch lit. Now, I recognise why a server admin would want to do this, especially if the server has been running for a vary long time. There are probably lots of one-time played survivors lying about, and lots of unfinished structures.

    My questions are:

    • How does the admin wipe everybody who has not got a generator running or torch burning? I assume he doesn’t roam the whole Island looking for abandoned structures and manually deleting them. I am guessing he is running a mod or command that allows him to delete everything not attached to a generator or torch. How is he wiping everybody/everything that does not conform to certain requirements (i.e., the presence of a running generator/lit torch?)
    • Are occasional wipes recommended? One thing I have noticed is that you get a lot of people who login, play for a few hours, then log out, and never return. I am guessing that there are a lot of unfinished structures and sleeping survivors dotted about my Island who will never come back. So, it would be nice to get rid of them. How do you server owner govern this?
    • I have a rule that any single-player, or a tribe where at least one member has not logged in for more than 90 days will have their structures and tames deleted. I know the commands for this, such as DestroyTribeStructures (This command destroys all of the structures that belong to the tribe of the thing you are currently looking at.). There are similar commands for wiping tribe dinos and players. Are these the best commands for this purpose, or can you recommend another? I don’t want to start messing with the expert settings on my Nitrado server.

    Just to reiterate, I don’t want to do a complete wipe in which my own structures, and those belonging to those who play regularly, but I would like to be able to wipe structures/tames/sleeping bodies of those who do not login in for a long time.

    I would appreciate your thoughts and advice on these matters.

    Many thanks.


    I am currently employed as one of Emperor Palpatine's Imperial Royal Guard (Yinchorr Academy - Class of 2019).

  • haha- the nightmare of every server owner. Myself won't do full server wipes. I do the long way. We call it the 'purge'.

    And yes, the owner or their admins fly around at night and look for these. A good admin/owner knows where all live and so forth. I fly around every 4 months. Never though of the Generator or Light idea. :) Being I have PC servers I use FTP and review their profiles which provides the last time stamp they were on. I know sadly consoles do not have access to this.

    I am assuming though if you use the webUI filemanager you can see their profiles?

    Every server Admin/Owner do their own thing. I know if I run my process on a PC server and just 1 it takes about 4hrs to do a full purge. I fill out spreadsheets, review UUIDs, fly around the map. Oh- the biggest help was getting a 2nd ARK account. I use that one as the admin cause you go around a force yourself in the tribe to review stuff then pop out. Dont do this with you main if you are an active player cause you cause havic with your own tribe setup. ha.


    Many thanks for the extremely helpful tips.

    I guess the admin of the Xbox server manually flies around the island, knowing where structures are, and destroys the buildings that do not have a torch or running generator in/near them.

    Though we console owners don't have the same level of records access as you PC owners do, I can still download logs from the Nitrado server, via my control panel, and then open those logs with the "Console" application on my MacBook. This allows me to type in a word, such as "joined", and it will filter out every line in that record, leaving only those lines that say, for example, xxxx joined the server. There is a date time stamp too, so I can very easily see who logged into the server on any particular day, and at what time.

    I like your idea of creating a spreadsheet, I will do this. I'll record who logs on each day and where I see structures. Then every 3 months I can visit bases of those who do not log in for more than 90 days, and remove this structures and tames.

    Thanks again for the help.


    I am currently employed as one of Emperor Palpatine's Imperial Royal Guard (Yinchorr Academy - Class of 2019).

  • Wow, you get to see 'joined' times/dates.

    What I can see in FTP is the gamefile itself, the profile which has their SteamUID. The the date of the file. So when someone connects, that timestamp updates.

    I need to look more for logs like you have access to. I can filter and create scripts with rules in excel to do some automation for me.

  • See if you can browse through the Web here to your server and see this...

    I use this to see what player last connects. The filesize tells me how large of bases and dinos they may have. I know consoles dont via FTP, but perhaps you can in the filemanager?

    Be cool to know. I dont use PS4 ARK.