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  • At least 2 of my servers are saying that they are running, but they do not appear in the xbox server list!
    I have already submitted a ticket
    My shootergame.log reads "Failed to create search handle... Retrying"

    My whole cluster is about to do a daily reset and I fear that this will happen to all my maps

  • A lot of us are having this issue. nitrado is dropping the ball hard. don't expect any immediate help, nor should you expect anything due to your down time. I have 3 maps down another cluster had 3 down and finally got 2 of them back up. welcome to nitrado eh?

  • Hello

    I'm sorry you guys are having issues with the servers. Make sure when submitting your support tickets that you include any errors you guys are getting on the servers. If there is a problem with downtime please also make sure to voice that inside the support ticket.

    We unfortunately are not able to access your servers or accounts on the forums.

  • I have spoken with Nitrado Phone Support and they have helped me to understand that this is an issue that they are working to fix.
    The root error of which seems to be in the network somewere between nitrado and the gameitsself.
    the effect of that error being that the server does not appear in the list on console.
    Their suggestions included changing the server name and trying to restart, or rolling back to a previous save.
    they also said that neither of these was garanteed to work but that they have had the most success with the server name change solution.