my server is in loop restart for longer then 24 hours

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  • My server is in loop restart it will not restart I have many people that want to play my server they cant. Please fix. Don't blamed it on the virus. u know it was going to happen sooner or later and it is here for everyone to on the internet. so fix my loop restart, please. it has been abt 2 days no server working.:cursing::thumbdown::thumbdown::cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing: I am not a happy customer. I am only trying out server for a month and it sucks big time:!::!::!::!:

  • Hello,

    If you use the WebUI you will have an option that eventually pops up to "Force shutdown". Do that.

    If that fails or does not pop up, and this is a NEW server try a reinstall. Note: a reinstall will delete any previous backups on the server.

    If all of that fails, you may contact Nitrado Support.

    Link: Support |

    Moderators do not have access to servers or accounts.

    Thank you.