My Valguero map on my cluster will not start...

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  • a decently sized cluster on xbox called "Ark Warfare." I haven't really had any issues since I started on April 14th, but then all of a sudden my Valguero started to crash randomly. Now, after all the troubleshooting I could think of, I cannot get it to start. I click "start server" then my server decided to be "restarting." It eventually just goes back to the original "server stopped" message. I've seen a few threads with similar problems. If anyone has found the fix for this please let me know. I think the only way is to contact Nitrado directly though, sadly.

  • try to just restart it a few times and wait between each restart. seems nitrado is dropping the ball hardcore these days regarding server stability. if that doesn't work try doing a restore to the first save prior to what it's at. Yes it'll be a rollback, but if it does work, then at least the map is back up and playable.

  • You can also do this and its prevents a larger rollback: Just change the map of the server, save, restart. Once its fully back up, change map back, save, then restart. That reloads the map.

    This is a known issue for Rag. Was even more so these last couple of weeks due to ARK patch, but should be resolved by no. At least I know it has with PC servers. Not sure on consoles.