Can't start my server. I just get this wierd massage. And i don' know what it means

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  • It happend something in my save. So i discided i wanted to restart from a back up. I loaded the back up. Server deletet the old file. And restort the back up file. But when i tryed to run the server i got this wierd message

    Unhandled exception during event run: "Wrong owner: root Correct owner: ni1274329_1 Path: /games/ni1274329_1/ftproot/spaceeng_profile" Traceback (most recent call last): File "nitrapi_daemon/", line 584, in publish_result_callback File "concurrent/futures/", line 398, in result File "concurrent/futures/", line 357, in __get_result File "concurrent/futures/", line 55, in run File "nitrapi_daemon/", line 554, in process_request_worker File "events/", line 95, in run_event File "events/", line 41, in run_event File "events/services/gameservers/fileserver/", line 31, in run File "events/", line 129, in acl_directory File "events/", line 99, in _acl_path File "utils/", line 125, in acl_user_for_directory File "utils/", line 94, in _acl_user_for_path RuntimeError: Wrong owner: root Correct owner: ni1274329_1 Path: /games/ni1274329_1/ftproot/spaceeng_profile

    I have no idea what wrong, and i can't start the server anymore.
    What do i do?