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  • Hi, since the Terraria Journey's end arrives soon, I was going to buy a
    Nitrado dedicated server (for the Steam version) but I have few questions,
    after several hours of lost search on the web.... I decided to write you my
    questions and hope getting more answers than what I’ve found yet... so there
    it goes.

    1- If I host the server, can my friends play even if I’m not on?
    2- Well, I’m not quite sure of how it does works, I’ve been trying to figure
    out but like I said I’ve got no answer, how can I join/find my server, does I
    need the IP address or something like that?
    3- How does I set up the server, I'd like to start on a new world, does I need
    to create a new world in the game and add it as the dedicated server if you
    see what I mean, how does it exactly works?

    I hope you will be able to get me some answers I'd be really glad.

    Thanks in advance!

  • 1: It's a server, you or your friends can join whenever you want. The server will run independent from the client.

    2: You get the IP to your server, i don't know how terraria servers are working but usually there is a serverbrowser or direct connect option to get on your server.

    3: The server will be set up trough nitrado, you can change a few settings like name etc. There is no need to generate a world on your local computer. If the game supports it, you can also mod your server.

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