Ark server down after restarting it.

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  • Gday;

    As the title says, i'm having issues with my Ark server. Went to change some multipliers, went to restart the server and now it has not been showing up for the last couple hours. Same thing happened april 26th after it was down for a few hours on april 26th I decided to make a phone call to see if it could get fixed, after a 45 min long distance call. it was back up. Decided to order another server to make switching between maps easier, servers been up now for 3 days, decided to adjust multipliers and known behold, server not showing up. Getting "failed to create search handle" error in log data. I've tried to do a server reset, map reset, wifi reset, console reset, nothing has worked.

    Alas if anyone knows of a solution to fix this problem it would be greatly appreciated, not sure how long support is going to take to see my ticket and this is the last thing a person needs during a mandatory self isolation

  • I'm also having this issue. I made a configuration change and the server failed to come back up. So I reverted the change and it still just restarted over and over. I saw the failed to create a search handle at first and then the log files were just empty and now it's not even trying to start anymore. Seems like it may be on the Nitrado side.