Xbox server not showing up after server reset

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  • Hey guys,

    I've been playing this server with no issues all day. I've restarted it many times (just messing with different settings and trying them out) Though after the automatic server restart at the end of the day, the server no longer shows up on the server list. I've tried a manual restart to no avail. Also I've noticed that on the WebUI its taking a lot longer to restart or even stop the server than normal. The server has been online for over an hour now and still not showing up.

    I've read a few forums about troubleshooting, though no updates have came out, we dont use any mods, and no major settings have been changed.

    I've noticed that in the log, it says that it "Failed to create search handle, retrying..." Not sure if thats related. Any help would be appreciated!


  • Hello I am experiencing the same issue, it also happened 3 days ago. after an expensive long distance phone call it got sorted out. 3 days later same issue on my 2nd server. only been with nitrado for a month and a half and this is the fourth time in a month and a half i couldnt play, and the 2nd time in 3 days getting that failed to create search handle message in logs. tried to do a server reset but it set me back hours and still cant see it on the list even though it says its up.

  • Which game are you both talking about?

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  • Drakexz

    Added the Label XBox / Windows 10
  • Same here. Ark Xbox server. Server says its started, but it is not showing up in the list. Got the 0]Failed to create Search Handle, retrying... message about 20 times in the log files.