An iiiiiiittty little bit missing from SF4 Patchnotes.

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  • So. Darkosto. You expanded the Hunting Dim and the Lost Cities. Great! Awesome! Oh, I need to delete the dim file? Oh, ok, I can do that. Wait. uh- WHICH FREAKING DIMs ARE THEY? Woulda been a nice addition to the patchnotes. There are 7 different dimension folders, and i would rather NOT delete the wrong one, and guess and checking doesn't sound fun given ludicrous load times. Can anyone help me figure out which Dim corresponds to what Number? Dim Folders are: 1, -1 (Nether and End right?), 2, 7, 111, 144, 28885

  • I'm assuming you are talking about SkyFactory 4. If thats the case, you might want to look into the config files of your server.

    There should be a config file for each dimension here:


    or a file with all the IDs:


    Inside the config file(s), you can find the corresponding dimension ID.

    At least thats what i have found after using google for 5 minutes.

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