Ark Clusters No password Issue Suggestion

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  • So like many I have went to add more servers and create a cluster for ark only to discover that having a password on clustered servers doesn’t work correctly and causes issues.

    PC players can get around this by whitelisting players and making the server exclusive join, unfortunately Console players can’t do the same and there is no white listing.

    All console players can do is hope people don’t randomly join and monitor the player list manually to look out for unwanted players.

    My suggestion is for Nitrado to implement an independent system that allows server renters to add players into it who they wish to be ‘white listed‘, if any players who are not on this list join your server you simply get an automated notification in the control panel/app or an email alert. The Admin can then Ban the unwanted players in the control panel (perhaps an option to manually add a player to ban list would be needed as well)

    this would at least take the worry out of having to keep checking the player list manually or missing players from other time zones joining your server while you sleep.