HELP - New Kibble not working properly on server

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  • Good afternoon,

    A week ago, 4 friends opened a PVE Primitive + server on the Valguero map.

    A minimal server configuration has been made without using Expert Mode.

    x2 in tameo de dinos,

    x2 in exp gain.

    Very basic tweaks since we don't want to stray too far from the Official settings.


    The main problem and reason I am asking for help is the behavior of the Kibbles in the game.

    The Kibbles we use are the new ones, which were added to the game over a year ago in an update (Simple Kibble, Regular Kibble, Superior Kibble, Exceptional Kibble, and Extraordinary Kibble).

    When we are going to tame a dino with the correct Kibble (Superior Kibble in the case of Argentavis and Castoroide), it acts as if we were giving it meat or berries of the worst quality, that is, it does not just increase the percentage of the tameo, a 1 or 2% for each Kibble the animal eats. These Kibble are useless since they do not fulfill their function (a quick tameo and the gain of levels). ||

    We have already verified it with a Castoroid and with an Argentavis and in both cases the same error occurs.

    Through administrator commands and cheats we have forced to use the old Kibbles (Gallimimus Egg Kiibble, Stego Egg Kibble, etc) and with these old Kibble it works !! 8|:/

    The problem is that the old Kibbles cannot be crafted and we can only get them through administrator commands and entering Cheatmode, which we would like to be able to avoid and use the new Kibbles.

    Last year we already opened a server (Nitrado) and we had no problems of any kind.

    Could this problem be related to playing with the Primitive + mod?

    Has this happened to someone else?

    What server configuration options or parameters may be interfering with the malfunction of new kibbles

    (Taking into account that, as I already said, the configuration has been minimal and without entering the Expert Mode)

    How is it possible that the old Kibbles work perfectly and our new ones do not?

    I hope someone can help me as this is hurting a lot of the gaming experience.

    Thank you!