ARK DDOS-Is nitrado serious?

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  • Ok i own quite a large community on ark and i want others to see this.

    I Own PS4 Ark servers MG15X - Discord=7K members

    Ddosing is such a big issue and when i was promised it from nitrado when making ark servers i do expect to get it right [Wrong] I have a ticket open regarding this it has been about 5 days with no response on what is happening, they said this was a urgent matter but it doesn't seem so as i type right now i am having these issues.

    1. Players Are quitting
    2. Time on my servers renewal is going down
    3. Ddos right now On 4 of my maps

    I just thought i would speak up about this As many people Have the same issues but there is no thread on it you can ask any cluster in the ps4 ark community if they get ddosed and sadly they do, its sad that they just want to be able to supply a service with no Abuse but yet promised protection from ddosing so this shouldn't happen atall!

    Proof shown below of what is happening to my servers

    Click here to see one of my servers currently being attacked

    If you want to see visit the mg discord and see it yourself click Here you can then see the mass amount of Ddos attacks that actually go on in my servers for yourself if my proof doesn't seem like enough.

  • I am a long time player of MG and of unofficial ark servers. There is constantly issues of ddos across the clusters and even with CLEAR proof of other cluster owners ddosing/sending approval of ddos NO ACTION is taken here. Players come on to the servers and pull IP and Port in a matter of seconds and hold a consistent 255 for hours.

    Now there is 5 of the total maps being ddosed. This needs to be addressed.

  • I have been playing on MG15x for over 5 seasons now and ddosing is constantly a problem, for me it is a demotivating to barely be able to play especially since these servers are the go to PVP servers when you just want to have fun or build up. It is especially sad when another ps4 unofficial cluster is the one provoking the servers with a constant ddos. It would be really disappointing if the MG servers go under because of this.

  • As a longtime player of ark I finally had to quit ark official, my favourite damn place to be because of duplication glitches (arks fault not nitrado) and constant ddos from the neglect of nitrado not protecting or even responding to tickets/complaints made about ddoses on official. So I decided to go play on MG15x to get away from the ddos, the ignorance of ark devs not banning and to get a good maintaining high player population so you can actually raid and have a good time without kids ddosing your official servers making it unplayable just to stop themselves from getting raided. Yet again I was disappointed to find out even servers like mg (being one of the top ark clusters in the ps4 server lists for multiple season) are being ddosed relentlessly because of players wanting people to leave so they can get in because of servers being capped, or people getting raided and they ddos as protection, etc. I’d understand that shit happens sometimes and people manage to ddos but there’s literally kids 16 or younger that are using online booter services to make the servers unplayable. I don’t know how much kris plays but when I had a mine craft server with apex hosting that was 2GB of ram for $20/m I had full support service, full ddos protection (yes we tested it) and real time assistance that alerted us of an attempted ddos. Do you think y’all can up your game to beat a fucking minecraft hosting company. I understand corona is prevalent in our lives right now but an answer just saying something in the lines of “hey look we are trying our best to help or we can’t help atm due to under staff, lack of funds, etc” we’d be able to survive a little but to my understanding we’ve gotta next to no fucking support and kris is a consistent customer to your services what kind of bullshit is that. I’m disappointed is all I can truly say and I’m sorry for kris trying to help our server and his player base are to ignorant to realize he can’t do anything about it unless you reach out nitrado

  • I'm new to MG and the amount of DDoss that the server receives is unreal. It's at a constant 255 ping and people from other servers are always taking credit. It's very frustrating because no one ever seems to have any answers unfortunately and it creates a mess for Kris who tries his hardest to make it enjoyable for us. This is one of the biggest issues in ark and It needs to be addressed because its killing the game unfortunately. Ark is already a time consuming game without the rubber banding and massive lag from children.

  • Just a thought: I really don't think bumping this topic with almost the same subject will escalate any sort of Support.

    Indeed. You need to submit a ticket to support, not here on the forum. The moderators here are not support and have no access to your account/server. Ranting here will not get the issue resolved.


    I am currently employed as one of Emperor Palpatine's Imperial Royal Guard (Yinchorr Academy - Class of 2019).

  • Dear Nitrado,

    i play ark since ps4 beta. I have to say, that MG15 is the best server by far. There is a friendly support, a huge community and they got the best settings over all.

    Since one Week the server is constantly beeing ddossed, because some kids are jealous about kris‘ server. You as a provider should do something about this. The owner of MG15 is losing time, money and active players. So it is in your interest to get this fixed too.



  • No this is 0 Point in bumping this is something i want everyone to see if you type ddos into the nitrado forum atleast people can see this and question whether or not to buy a ark server because i was scammed into supposedly having ddos protection

    And really no nitrado Representative will see this They dont check there forum


  • No this is 0 Point in bumping this is something i want everyone to see if you type ddos into the nitrado forum atleast people can see this and question whether or not to buy a ark server because i was scammed into supposedly having ddos protection

    And really no nitrado Representative will see this They dont check there forum


    Hi there,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We can confirm your original request is being investigated. We do provide DDoS protection to our customers, but depending up on the type of attack, will depend on which additional protective measures will need to be applied, as applying the incorrect type of protection can potentially block legitimate traffic, resulting in regular players being unable to connect. So we have to investigate the exact type of attack that is being performed to apply the correct protection to avoid potential unwanted situations.

    I have escalated your query urgently and you'll hear back from us as soon as possible, we apologise for the inconvenience caused.

  • Good I hope this is getting investigated also massive respect to you for Responding I dont spend 6-8K ish+ A year on servers to loose about 10% of that to people ddosing in renewal charges

    I get corona virus is making tickets support so much harder for you guys to respond and what not but come on a whole week when this was a matter of urgency according to support..... :D :D:D

    Just seen
    <blocked> was the one reviewing the ticket Im guessing that is you no idea who is on the support team but if you could check back with the team you forwarded it too and maybe give me some info it can give my community some insight in what is happening rarther than being blind for a week straight not knowing what is actually going on behind the scenes.

    Also adding here [EDIT]

    My ips Were leaked across all ark discords for no reason just trolls wanting to mess with my server
    and yes all maps do get ddosed not one is left out attacks normally start Mid Day - Early Hours of the morning.

    people that are currently reading this thread and own ark ps4 servers and have a community or want to make one be care full, Ark needs more advanced ddos protection i can tell you this because other clusters are currently being attacked so dont think its going to be a fun ride i have been here for 2 years ... no changes

    Also im glad they handle criticism here and dont take it to heart '

  • This is now days without a solution and I get your comment about this ‘taking time’ but now this is starting to come out of expense of just regular players trying to use their money to pay people to spend all day Lifting ddos attacks. Kris spends 100’s of dollars on this cluster and has to wait upward of a week to even get any sort of help. Players begin to quit, he loses out of donation money to help continue running the cluster. Minecraft servers cost nowhere near what these ark servers cost and have better ddos protection and less ddos attacks than Nitrado ran ark servers. People are using free boosters, and and hitting the maps constantly with ease. Other people are having to do their part to cover Nitrados failure to supply a protection system or help. Blur’s cluster is rarely ddosed or has enough protection to deal with such attacks and it all just seems it’s because of his YouTube status. Even tho MG has one of, if not THE largest playerbase on PS4 unofficial and gets no help.

  • Doubt this is going to lead to any Support or any more info on the situation ...

    All i can say right now is 5/8 of my maps are currently Ddosed =255Ping And thats all i got for today

    Amazing Experience this love having a large community shout at you every min and asking me to do something when i literally cant

  • Yes i did just make an account.

    Nitrado Step up your game and help this server out its a massive community its bigger than blurs servers but blur gets all the attention just because he is a content creator this guy spends 1000s of $ On these servers and you con him into supposed ddos protection.....

    We as players no longer have respect for this hosting company if its not taking action to let us play
    Nitrado Server Providers = Kris Buys servers = Has players = Gets donations to help = Goes back into nitrado
    Its the loop .We are all giving you money for you on us with "MaTTer Of UrgENcy"

    Its been 8 days now get a grip
    I hope this gets 1000s of views so maybe the ceo of this company sees it and thinks "oh -WordCensoredByModerator- thats gonna hurt us "

  • Hello,

    Its one thing to post to address an issue or concern you have. And thank you for the creator of the topic keeping that way.

    The information has been received and Nitrado has already responded advising on what they are doing.

    Any other off-topic, derailing, offensive posts will be removed. This forum or post will not become toxic.

    Folks can discuss professionally and respecting each other in this Community Support Forum.

    If you have any questions on the rules or guidelines, please visit the sites rules.

    Thank you.

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