We That Remain - PS4 DayZ Role-Play

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    A DayZ Role Play Experience.

    System: PlayStation 4

    Type: Role Play

    Map: Chernarus

    What is WE THAT REMAIN Role-play?

    This is a challenging PlayStation DayZ Role-play experience. Emphasizing the on the survival elements of DayZ, as-well as the Role-play aspect. We feel like plenty of alternative servers offer a role-play experience but neglect the survival elements. Thus we’ve created a server that you could consider challenging, but not overly hardcore.

    We are also extremely dedicated to providing the experience that our players want, and our motto is For the players, by the players.

    Below are some of the features we have on offer.

    • Organic Role Play
    • Challenging Survival, reduced assault rifle spawns.
    • Server Made Lore
    • Many dynamic events, C130 Crash Sites / Weapon Cache Sites / Wrecked V3S Building Supply Sites
    • Hunting Zones / Dangerous Animal Zones / Horde Zones / Quarantine Zones
    • iZurvive Partnership, with a custom developed interactive map. iZurvive DayZ & ARMA Map: Chernarus+ Satellite
    • Significantly reduced underground stash time, now 12 hours to combat hoarders.
    • Natural Initiation System
    • Player Made Community Zones
    • Reduced, and harder to get raiding tools.
    • Strict White-Listing
    • 52 Slot, peak time full.

    If this is what you’re after, come and check it out for yourself!