Server is showing wrong map (Xbox Nitrado server)

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  • While I have rented several servers before for Ark: Survival evolved, I have never encountered this current issue. Despite several restarts, switching the map and server name, and combing through the expert settings, my server continues to tell me it is on the map Genesis. I was having this issue two days ago when I first rented this server, but it eventually switched to Ragnarok after repeated restarts. However, it will not switch back to Ragnarok today. I have never encountered this error before, nor have I any idea why it happening. I do use Beacon Omni to generate custom code for me that goes into the server, but the settings it alters in regards to the map still only list it as Ragnarok and has no mention of Genesis. Is there any other variable or setting I can check to solve the issue, or did I just get a bugged server?

    Server: Vanaheim, 10 slots, PvP, Xbox One, Password Protected

  • Hello

    Sorry youre having a server issue.

    Have you tried to reinstall the server? Then before you add the coding try to switch maps to verify that it works.

    Then switch to expert mode. Try to switch maps again to confirm it works.

    Then go ahead and add the code. I have seen code from beacon do some funky stuff sometimes. This will atleast verify that it is or isn't the code you're using.