Empyrion Expermental

  • Ive been trying to find someone who is talking about this and I'm sure there is an answer somewhere. But Since experimental is running 12.0.1 how exactly can I even play on a server right now. In my steam settings to run the game I only have options for alpha 10 or experimental. I'd really like to run 11.5.8, and that is what the servers on here all seem to be, but I cant figure out how to make steam run that. If my only option then is to run alpha 10, then I'm not sure how to run a version 10 server.

  • what he saying tho is the update is not running it for servers like Nitrado You can put up your own coop from your computer just can't run on the servers yet. Phase 2 maybe they will update it. one you see in the server list I think are coop servers.