(Probably gameport/queryport failure

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  • Goodmorning everybody,

    I've got a problem and i hope you guys could help me.

    Yesterday i rented a Ark SE server, after changing a few things i tried to connect with the server.

    Unfortunally i could not connect to the server, it said that the server was unable to find.

    I tried the direct connection button through Nitrado webinterface, i tried to connect through Steam add server but nothing worked (yes i did the +1)

    After some searching on the web i found the list of gameports wich stated that Ark should have 27015 as gameport and 27016 as Queryport but mine are 19000 and 19001.

    I cant figure out how to change this, reinstalling the game doesnt work i tried that.

    I also submitted a ticket but i hope you guys could tell me how to fix this.

  • Your ports are correct. The ones you are referring to are only examples.

    If you are unable to see the game using +1 through steam favs you have an issue somewhere.

    If you have mods, remove them. See if server comes up.

    If you dont have mods, and the +1 fails, and if this is a new server- try a reinstall.

    If that fails, you will need to contact Nitrado Support.

    Link: Support | nitrado.net

    Thank you.