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  • I have a problem. We have a server for 64 people. Sometimes the server restarts 2 times a day and does not start. We need to enable it via the console. The server resumes using "message". Every 120 minutes. Now I changed it and did it every 140 minutes. I also couldn't find a complete database of the names of all the items on the Internet, such as cigarettes, etc., that haven't yet been implemented in the game. I write through a translator, so there may be some obscure points in the text.

    I also encountered the problem of creating my own events based on the helicrash type. Specifically, I can't find the names of textures of broken tanks, APCS, and other military equipment other than planes and helicopters.

    Do you have a file with object names and classes?

    I learned to fully create all the objects that I want, but through the event. How to do this through the mapgrouppos folder I can not understand. I delete the folder, make my changes, and save it. But nothing happens.

  • The message.xml works well with server restart, However Dayz server often shutdown itself randomly, I have this happen few times a day and usually when Community members let us know and we just restart it, As for the items I would recommend using Dayz Offlinetools on PC with Builder mod, It will be the easiest way to get item names by just clicking on them

  • I use the message system for my restart and I also had this problem before but then I shifted my restart so that it overlaps two days and they do not stop right at 24h and since it works well .

    For items attention Dayz Offlinetools crashes when you arrive on the arc, however I made a site with tutorials and hidden items but it is currently only in French;)

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