What does dedicated mean these days?

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  • Dedicated to me, means, One machine, One Map. Is this still what dedicated means? Or is it my cluster on one machine?

    I'm still dealing with lag on 2 of my servers. During the day they sit at 45-60, but at about 10pm they come back down to 20. I'm trying to get Nitrado to fix this issue. Why I ask what dedicated means, is I feel like 2 of my servers are on a shared box with other servers that have high traffic. Which isn't fair, causing me and my few players to lag.

    It's difficult with support because they seem to be automated responses. Even the phone call, the dude was a complete drone when answering questions. Am I out of line here? Why can't the provide these 2 servers the great performance my other 2 servers have? Do I just pack up my stuff and move to a different provider?


    (And yes, I know this isn't a way to reach support. But right now, support isn't even working. Every ticket,every phone call leads to them telling me they'll move my servers to new hardware and that's all they have to tell me. And it's been their single and only response to me since I signed up.)

  • A Dedicated Server is basically a single server in your house, where you are hosting it.

    It offers immense power and flexibility, but usually comes at a premium.

    Server companies now are really called 'Hosted or Shared' Servers. Many flavors of servers are available with hosts.

    For your specific server questions, you will have to go to Support.

    Moderators have no access to accounts or servers. Lag can be caused by many reasons.

    Thank you